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SoulCentre® & SoulKids® Academy Sydney are licensed academies of SoulCentre (www.soulcentre.org ), recognised as Asia's Premier Personal Development Centre.’


Bringing Asia's premiere personal development centre here to Australia for the very first time.  "Why are we called SoulCentre™?"  It is taken from realising that inside all of us exists a higher part that has the potential to unleashing our "inner greatness."  This is the potential we want to help others realise and tap into.   


Here at SoulCentre™, we are dedicated to changing and transforming lives.  We want to inspire and empower people to live the best life they can possibly live that is full of happiness, and without worry.     


"It all begins with me..." this is a thought that is well known, and the fact that anything that becomes real in life begins with you is often forgotten.  We always seem to blame others for our misfortunes and we don't understand why these things keep happening to us.  Our programs are designed to help you realise the inner power that lives within you no matter what age.   We aim to help you understand how you can use these tools in everyday life.  


Some people prefer one on one training, and others prefer group classes.  We offer both.  We are non-religious; we work with you to help you find you inner peace, and happiness. 



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