What is Meditation?

 Meditation trainer Paolo Corpuz

Meditation trainer Paolo Corpuz

Meditation is a practice that is non-religous which is designed to give people the tools to have a peaceful, calm, and self-aware mind.  Our trademarked meditation programs are created by Vikas Malkani, founder of SoulCentre.  Even though it is an ancient process, it is only recently that it has become more 'popular'.  This can be attributed to several factors:

  • the desire of people wanting to be more at ease
  • a tool for stress relief
  • understanding and insight to ancient knowledge
  • a wanting for a healthier mind
  • a need to engage in positive thoughts
  • the need to be more emotionally stable
  • the desire to be in 'the diver's seat' instead of being a passenger in one's life.

In addition to this, there are several physical benefits from meditation.  Many have experienced an increase in energy levels, improved levels of concentration as well as a 'weight being lifted' from their shoulders.  

The great thing about meditation is that once the skills are learnt,  it is easy to use anywhere, anytime and can in turn be a great stepping stone for further personal development.  


We offer Meditation in three modules:


Meditation Made Simple     As the title indicates, this is meant to be an introduction to mediation, laying down the foundations.  At this level, anyone can learn specific techniques designed to help people live without stress and be happier in their everyday lives.  There are no prerequisites in order to participate.  One does not need to be currently meditating, or be active in yoga classes.  Immediate benefits can be experienced at this level.  There is both theory and practical lessons taught in this module as well as the other modules.    


Meditation in ACTION     This next step requires attendees to first complete Meditation Made Simple™.  In this next instalment, more techniques are taught and practiced.  There is a further understanding of ancient wisdom as well as how it is relevant to people's everyday lives.  The power of your mind is explored to show you effective ways to handle everyday experiences, past events and future situations.   


MASTERS of Meditation     This step requires attendees to have completed both Meditation Made Simpleand Meditation in ACTION™.  In this module, you will gain deeper wisdom to life, why certain things happen, how to change what is not desired.  More techniques and secrets of meditation is revealed, which is not only designed to educate, but more importantly to empower people.


  Vikas Malkani, Founder   of SoulCentre™

Vikas Malkani, Founder of SoulCentre™

“All happiness and sorrow, success and failure, harmony and disharmony begin with our mind. The time, energy and effort you invest in training your mind is the best investment you make for yourself.” says Vikas Malkani (best-selling author of 'The Little Manual of Meditation' and many otherbooks on personal growth). 


 Life is nature and the manufactured existing side by side.

Life is nature and the manufactured existing side by side.