What is SoulKids®? 

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SoulKids® is a specially designed program for children aged 6 to 15. It transforms children in very short period of time.

Children grow and develop in so many ways from how tall they grow, to the way they think.  We can't help them become taller, but we can help improve the way they think and the way they see themselves.  Learning and development should not only be fun, but it should also be effective.  The best ways that we are able to develop skills is through stories, games, and teamwork exercises.  These are just some ways that we use.  In addition to this, we teach the children about building their confidence, about being in a positive state of mind, about self-evalutation as well as confronting challenges head on.  Children are placed in similar age groups, which allow them to learn how to work as a part of a team both as leaders, and as followers.  This also enables them to interact with others who might be outside their normal circle of friends.  


SoulKids® is a program designed to develop, and transform the lives of each and every child.  Along the way we strive to impart some life skills that will not only help them during their childhood but also for rest of their lives.

  • They start to learn to believe in themselves.
  • They acknowledge what self-confidence is and recognise it in themselves.
  • They develop and improve their communication skills.
  •  They understand the meaning of their  potential and realise that there are ways to break away from the restrictive mind-sets that they have been tied down to.
  • By playing games in teams, they learn how to be good and effective leaders, as well as great supporting followers.
  • They learn about how to take actions in order to achieve their goals and dreams.
  • They learn how to be responsible for their surroundings, and see how they contribute to the creation of their own world.  

SoulKids is fun, effective and very transformative. Children love it and while having fun, they also learn extremely valuable life lessons.

How SoulKids can help your child;  

1. SoulKids Programs (group classes) 

2. SoulKids best - selling books Coaching Sessions (one-on-one personal training) 

3. SoulKids Coaching Sessions (one-on-one training) 

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